As a facilitator, educator & researcher, I see and find that there are three areas I want to build upon:

  1. Learning & helping support engagements
  2. Connecting activities
  3. Providing help for new entrepreneurs on their entrepreneurship journey.

I want to share knowledge in venues because the more we can connect and network, to inspire one another, the better it is for everyone. When I put out my first conference “Answering the Call”, I drew in many who came to hear Dr. LittleBear in Thunder Bay. His perspectives on so many concepts so invaluable. This  was in 2015 at a time when I envisioned more relationships between especially Elders and Youth. I seen that in the conference I built, and I believe more of this is being done in the city especially with Dennis Franklin Cromarty School. It is my hope that other schools catch on to the importance of fostering intergenerational relationships.

From my work you’ll see Land Connection threaded throughout its because I always looked at Land, and in my case, the beach, and the forests as a place and space to recharge, connect and bond. I’ve done activities like, lead groups in outdoor learning programs when I worked at Outward Bound, and spent time learning about Rediscovery International. I have also worked outside, and spend time planning and considering how important it is to encourage learning on the Land which is why I have devoted a part of my learning to be about Indigenous Science, because it interests me greatly.

My entrepreneur world began one day when I was given an opportunity to write a business plan. I was given support, and at the same time, I  had to commit to the journey I started.

I want to also provide support to help for entrepreneurs in the beginning of their journey, to help them align their truths to their vision & begin their entrepreneurship journey. I believe that I have been given gifts to help support others realize their potential.

I carry degrees from Trent University, Lakehead University of which my thesis was published in 2012. I am an educator and a researcher.

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