Indigenous Epistemology

Epistemology would be the way we learn, and design how we learn. Breaking this down, it means many things, maybe my interest in this was because it was largely lacking in the places I attended.

When I entered my Masters, I said to myself, What million dollar word will I use in my thesis. When I looked up at the word wall at Lakehead University’s graduate studies common room, epistemology stood out. That was when I decided that would be my word. Threaded in my thesis this became an important and core part of my writing, coincidently enough, not because I then wanted the million dollar word but because it innately became to reflect the core of the work I was interested in, and the reason I do what I do.

I later found Indigenous Knowledge experts and Knowledge Keepers in university writing about this. Here I share a few places, which really capture how the grassroots have impacted the academy too, which I am totally grateful for. Its proof that as Indigenous people, we are making our impact and building our circles, there too.

Here are two sources of information. I generally take what I feel is important and expand my learning there. Taking an approach where I feel empowered.

Click to access 5_OttmanPritchard.pdf



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