Established in 2015 in Thunder Bay Ontario, to provide research, training, and support for organizations, corporations, frontline, and communities. 

beSuperior has supported many projects in different capacities, including research, advice, collaborations, campaigns, curriculum, and even chaired at a Chiefs Meeting.

beSuperior ‘s name was chosen to acknowledge the beauty of Lake Superior. Originally I wanted to open a business with a focus on Land Connection having written about the importance of Land Connection in my thesis research. This has certainly taken place in my work. I encourage people to think about their connection to place: what this means? How important is this? How are we connected to where we live? What does that look like? Additionally, I have brought forward a focus on local knowledge, and research. This brought forward the Indigenous Knowledge Conferences I have hosted out of Thunder Bay and Calgary.

In 2017 beSuperior offered Thunder Bay’s first Indigenous Knowledge conference, inspired by the vision to connect, speak and share conversations. By offering an opportunity of growth, relationship building, and knowledge opportunities. 

This years conference in Thunder Bay will have a focus on leadership, and is currently accepting potential presenters. Details to come.  

As relationships continue to build with a cross sector of attendees, and organizations, this shows a commitment to share in learning and in building knowledge together.  More recently a program called Fearless Flow, which is a program developed to support new entrepreneurs.


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