Rematriate Campaign



I appeared in the Rematriate Campaign when I sent in my photo to participate. A friend of mine noticed this photo even made it to NYC. This photo was taken after submitting my thesis and having my third son. I did not think much of the photo when It was taken just that I wanted to remember carrying my son in this very awesome baby wearing mei tei, which I carried all three of my son’s in different ways.

The photo means a lot because it was at a time of a huge accomplishments. I just completed my thesis at a time where I was greatly discouraged because of being a “mom”, and being told doing a thesis was close to impossible. Simply untrue.

When we put our minds and hearts together and invest in ourselves, everything is possible.

This is why I add in pink into my logo, to remember the vulnerabilities, and the strength of being feminine.16903391_10154785428935546_7680571531411501970_o

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