New to Celiac Resources

A celiac diagnosis is a medical condition which is corrected by a restrictive diet, which is one of the most important steps. Its sort of complicated, even if its as simple as meats, vegetables, and fruits as a base. The intent here is to provide some direction to good sites, recipes and meals as an ongoing process, since this is now easy learning curve,

For a starter, this comes from the Canadian Celiac Foundation, and shares the barriers of food securty for celiac, however, a bit of an assumption that it’s easy, and parents are in the drivers seat for providing nutrition etc, its complicated because it depends on when you are diagnosed with celiac, older children would find it more difficult then someone who starts out with a younger diagnosis,

-the recognition of how the food guide doesn’t include Celiacs which puts them at risk of nutritional deficiencies because grains/flours are fortifed, and gluten free flours are not, and fiber intake would entirely be from fruit and vegetables, and fibre rich other sources, not the usual recommendations for fiber from a Canadian food guide perspective.

-how Celiac’s can’t depend on eating outside of their homes which places them in a position of food insecurity, because they cannot depend on the outside to feed them foods that are gluten free*which isnt just about bread!!, or prepared in a celiac knowledgeable space,

-the right to eat in dignity and with respect to the ability to be confident without judgement for any reason, no diet culture, etc.

-perceiption from wheat belly healthy types, that wheat is what makes people unhealthy, is not giving a fair review of health, a non wheat is not proven to make one skinneir, healthier, smarter, more anything, and a gluten free diet is totally different, so encouraging an entire family to go gluten free, shows that someone may not have experience in nutrition.

-for newly diagnosed parents are trying to reconfigure on so many levels before and after a diagnosis, everywhere from ensuring proper utensils/pans/ not contiminated with gluten *cannot be burned or cleaned from utensils unless they are steel, to the now unique world of food prep that is guaged towards a celiac meals and the planning,

-lastly the idea that there is a need for recipes etc shows the how difficult and limiting this diagnosis is, many with new diagnosis have to go on entire life changes to make sure their famileis are fed properly, using new knowledge, and learning fast,

-the new palate with overtly restrictive foods/products with gluten and that patience and understanding are truly needed,

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